Second Strike Slots

Quickspin’s Second Strike Slots is a throwback to the reel-based slots of yore, with its simple gameplay. You won’t find complicated backstory or clustered features in this 5 reels online casino game – instead, you get fresh fruit themes on top of classic games like blackjack!

Any Reasons to Play This Slot?

The Second Strike feature is such a welcome substitute adding up to 10 extra symbols on the reels, which can end with all ten lines containing an identical symbol. This leads to magnificent wins! The slot has five different paylines that are available at any rate from $0.10 per spin minimums right through its maximum potential prize cap of one hundred dollars per round–depending on what device you’re playing it on -and includes both audio appeal (the soundtrack) as well as visual components like shiny patches gold-coloured backgrounds & more; everything needed for simple yet quite attractive gameplay.

Fruity Theme Juicy Gameplay

The 10 fixed paylines on this slot machine mean you will not be able to alter the number of active bet lines, but a total betting amount can go up or down depending on how much you are willing to wager. The more coins spent at one time during gameplay means higher chances for bigger wins! You are also given plenty of opportunities where it feels like luck has nothing else in control because if any symbol appears, then players must click their mouse button immediately before another panel slides into place displaying what prize they’ve won – even without having activated bonus rounds first hand through appropriate key presses while playing normal game modes.

Quickspin’s second strike is a video that combines live action and animation to show the player’s perspective as they maneuver their way through different levels. This gives players an idea of what it feels like to see and control this 3D world while giving them something new every time you play!

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When you’re ready to play, hit the “play” button at the right-hand corner of your screen. You’ll automatically be registered every win on the credit balance display left side while playing in autoplay mode or by pressing the same button again takes back a single spin setting The easiest way is with our helpful tips!

Any Reasons to Play This Slot?

Enjoy This Retro Slot and Win

The classic symbols of cherries, grapes and plums are abundant on the slots’ reels. However, they serve only to create winning combinations, while high value tokens such as stars or bells appear rarely but provide prizes when present – especially with golden substituting for them instead!

Second Strike Bonus Features

If you’re looking for a simple but exciting slot, look no further than this one. The reels are spinning, and there is Potential at every turn as rewards await those lucky enough to find them!

The game offers a second strike feature that is both fun and rewarding. Just outside the reels sits an active square filled with squares, which will come alive after every winning combination you land anywhere on its surface-the more symbols there are completing each line of three in your favour (lit), the greater chance they have to form new ones when triggered by pointers landing onto them from other lines during gameplay!

The incredible prospect of landing some life-changing wins is waiting for you when playing online reinvented with this new slot machine. Three kinds represent the symbols, six more will be triggered if there’s a winning combination, and four or five in total can make an appearance on your reel depending upon how much money has been wagered per line load!

Any Reasons to Play This Slot?

The fact that Second Strike is just another trip into the history of classic machines were it not for these important highlights makes this game so special.

  • A gameplay so quick to master and follow
  • Potentially paying second strike feature
  • Fast-paced action that is remarkable for a slot with a fruit theme

Second Strike is Worth Your Time and Money

In this medium-variance slot, you can expect some minimum winnings. You may not land on the high-paying symbol so often in the Second Strike feature except for your lucky day! Despite its volatility, however there are huge payouts waiting when players hit big during gameplay which will urge them to keep playing even after one bad roll or dozen consecutive misses.